Meet PeerWasp - a new and secure P2P File Synchronization and Sharing Solution!



PeerWasp's Beta Features

Check out our current set of features - delivered directly to your device!

Windows Platform Compatibility

PeerWasp works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 (and soon with Linux & Mac OS X)

Fully Open-Source

The entire code is completely open-source and can be reviewed by anyone - we stand in for full transparency.

Windows Integration

With Windows you will get full context menu integration and other convenient features.

Create your own P2P Network

You can create your own secure P2P network and be completely free - there is no big brother watching you.

Secure by Design

PeerWasp is secure by design - it is built upon the open-source Library for P2P-based File Synchronization and Sharing Hive2Hive.

More Features coming soon

Stay tuned and see what future updates will bring. We're working hard to improve the design & handling as well as providing new features.

0% Cloud - 100% Secure

PeerWasp works with the power of the P2P technology and is a full open-source solution for distributed file sharing and synchronization. There is no Cloud or Server storage and therefore no access point for any third-parties to your data!

  • Sophisticated encryption technology in place
  • No hidden Code - check it by yourself on Github
  • Windows Context and Taskbar Notification Area Integration
  • Easy Installation - Intuitive Handling


If you want to know how to install PeerWasp, create or join a network and start synchronizing your files, then please read our User Guide for Windows.

PeerWasp was started as a graduate student project at the Communication Systems department of the University of Zurich and is built entirely upon a previous project called Hive2Hive, which also was a graduate student project at the same department. Hive2Hive is an open-source library for distributed file sharing and synchronization and provides the API for our PeerWasp features. Hive2Hive, on their end, use TomP2P which is an advanced Distributed Hash Table framework and provides basic Peer-to-Peer functionality.
The PeerWasp core is fully open-source and developed in Java - the entire code basis can be reviewed here.

Release Notes

PeerWasp Beta (1.0 beta 1) is released. You can download it below.

Download PeerWasp Beta (Windows)


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